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Peplos: Athena's robe, the sacred centrepiece on the festival from the Panathenaea, Athenian Adult men are stated because of the Chorus to happen to be worthy of it when (line 566).

Eucrates: A hemp-vendor, he is among a series of populist leaders outlined in Cleon's oracles (line 129), he is alleged to possess concealed within a pile of bran (254).

For you be glory for at any time. ten.three You Lord almighty have designed every thing for the sake of your respective Name; you may have presented human beings food stuff and drink to partake with pleasure so that they may give many thanks; but to us you've got provided the grace of spiritual food stuff and consume and of Everlasting life by way of Jesus your servant. 10.4 Over all we give you thanks simply because you are mighty. For you be glory for ever. 10.five Keep in mind Lord your Church, to preserve it from all evil and to make it great in the love. And, sanctified, Obtain it within the 4 winds into your kingdom which you've ready for it. Due to the fact yours is the power and also the glory for ever. ...

Medieval French experienced two phrases, chevaleresse and chevalière, which were being Utilized in two techniques: 1 was for that wife of the knight, and this utilization goes back on the 14th century. The other was maybe for a feminine knight. Here is a estimate from Menestrier, a seventeenth-century writer on chivalry: "It wasn't always required to be the spouse of the knight in order to acquire this title. At times, when some male fiefs were being conceded by Unique privilege to Women of all ages, they took the rank of chevaleresse, as just one sees plainly in Hemricourt where Girls who weren't wives of knights are named chevaleresses.

Likewise, the consecrated Eucharistic host—the unleavened bread—is sometimes exposed about the altar, ordinarily in an ornamental fixture known as a Monstrance, making sure that Catholics may pray or contemplate in the direct existence As well as in immediate look at of Jesus from the Eucharist; this is usually termed "exposition on the Blessed Sacrament", plus the prayer and contemplation in front of the exposed Eucharist tend to be named "adoration with the Blessed Sacrament" or maybe "adoration". Most of these methods stem from belief in the true Existence of Jesus Christ within the Eucharist, which can be an essential Write-up of Faith of the Catholic Church.

A knight needed to be born of nobility – normally sons of knights or lords.[29] Sometimes commoners may be knighted being a reward for amazing armed service service. Youngsters of your nobility were being cared for by noble foster-mothers in castles until eventually they attained age seven.

.. I eventually uncovered Website myself wandering from the wilderness and gawking at the surroundings as an alternative to amassing sources to build...

^ Richard Francis Burton wrote "I really should attribute the origins of affection towards the influences of your Arabs' poetry and chivalry upon European Strategies instead of to medieval Christianity.

In influenza epidemics, some church buildings suspend the providing of communion under the sort of wine, for dread of spreading the sickness. This really is in entire accord with Catholic Church perception that communion underneath the type of bread on your own causes it to be doable to obtain every one of the fruit of Eucharistic grace.

Cleisthenes: A conspicuously effete Athenian, he is surely an inexhaustible butt of jokes featuring in many plays,[forty two] including a silent part from the Acharnians and a short speaking position in Thesmophoriazusae. He's mentioned right here as the kind of dandy that's effusive in praise of rhetorical skill and who'll be compelled to practise extra manly pursuits in future (line 1374).

Adventurer Allan Quartermain leads an expedition into uncharted African territory within an try to Identify an explorer who went missing in the course of his seek for the fabled diamond mines of King Solomon.

Boeotia: A northern neighbour of your Athenians but an ally of Sparta, it was popular for its cheeses. Cleon accuses Agoracritus of constructing cheese Together with the Boeotians (line 479). Boeotia is mentioned extensively from the Acharnians and receives other mentions in two other plays.[17]

Diopeithes: A infamous spiritual fanatic and an oracle-monger, he is mentioned in an oracle to be a beggar for being prevented (line 1085). His identify pops up once more two far more performs.[fifty one]

The Eucharist (/ˈjuːkərɪst/; also referred to as Holy Communion or even the Lord's Supper, amongst other names) is actually a Christian rite that is taken into account a sacrament for most church buildings and an ordinance in Other individuals. According to the New Testomony, the ceremony was instituted by Jesus Christ during the Past Supper; offering his disciples bread and wine in the course of the Passover meal, Jesus commanded his followers to "make this happen in memory of me" even though referring into the bread as "my human body" plus the wine as "my blood".

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